Arnie – a film written and directed by Rina B. Tsou

ARNIE is a short film by Filipina-Taiwanese filmmaker Rina B. Tsou, which tackles the flight of an OFW working as a fisherman in Kaohsiung, a southern port city in Taiwan.

Tsou features recurring shots of fish out of water and on the cutting block, an apt metaphor on the state of Filipino workers in Taiwan, who are forced to leave their family in the Philippines in order to earn a living abroad. Yet this physical separation places a toll on relationships, as Arnie’s experience with his girlfriend in this movie would attest.

Docked at the port of Kaohsiung, Arnie buys a ring with the help of his OFW friends, to propose to his girlfriend back home. The supposedly happiest moment of his life soon takes a downward spiral when he finds out she is pregnant – but he is not the father of the child.

Like a fish out of water, the life of an OFW working in Taiwan is a daily struggle; for the catch is plenty down south, but the waves are choppy and brutal. A typhoon is always brewing in the not so distant place, or worse, at home.

Filipina-Taiwanese filmmaker Rina B. Tsou studied filmmaking in National Taiwan University of Arts, with visions springing from an east/ south-east Asian cultural heritage. In 2015, Rina participated in Berlinale Talents and Locarno Filmmaker’s Academy. She is based in Taipei, and her latest short film ARNIE was selected to compete in 2016 Cannes’ La Semaine de la Critique.

ARNIE has also been nominated for Best Live Action Film in the 2016 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.golden_horseWhen she talks about her film ARNIE, Rina B. Tsou speak of waves; waves of the mind, of the sea, the real and the products of her imagination. She also speaks of the magic inherent in every encounter, even in the most banal context. And it is there, in the attraction of opposites, that ARNIE stands out – a documentary about the struggles of a migrant worker’s life in his pursuit of a better future for his family.

Rina has worked or collaborated in a number of critically acclaimed short films.


Director | Writer | Producer | Editor

2016 Arnie (Short)
2013 Chicharon (Short)
2011 Guai wu (Short)

2016 Arnie (Short)
2013 Chicharon (Short)

2015 Sea Breeze (Short) (co-producer) (completed)
2013 Chicharon (Short) (executive producer)

2013 Chicharon (Short)


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